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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Court-Ordered Therapy

Why Do I Have To Do Court-Ordered Therapy?

In situations where a person’s mental illness or addiction put their life or the lives of others at risk, a court may intervene and order treatment. Known as mandatory or court-ordered therapy, these sessions can provide people struggling with mental…

Mental Health Counselor

What Is The Role Of A Mental Health Counselor?

Therapy, counseling, and mental health are often shrouded in mystery. Although times are changing, mental health is often viewed as a touchy subject among family members and friend groups worldwide. At Fifth Street Counseling Center, we want to shine a…

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

What To Expect During Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Understanding that you need help is the first step toward successful drug and alcohol treatment – it’s not a small one, either. You may reach it through personal reflection, input from close friends and family, or you may realize it…


How Batterer Intervention Programs Can Help With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and battery have sadly become a big problem in the United States. All over the country, innocent victims are being abused by their intimate partners and family members. In 2018, Florida law enforcement agencies reported 104,914 crimes of…

Teen Counseling

Destigmatizing Teen Counseling

Being a teenager in the United States can be a challenging and often stressful experience. Everyone knows that the teen years can be some of the most trying times for parents and young people alike. From school shootings to peer…

The Benefits Of Family Counseling

The Benefits Of Family Counseling

Families are as unique as individuals. As personalities change and families go through life-trials, family dynamics can also change. Family counseling helps family units retain a sense of unity and wholeness through difficult times and periods of change. Communication and…