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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Parent Counseling

What Is Parent Counseling & How Could It Help My Family?

One of the most important connections between humans is the one between them and their families. No family is without problems, arguments, and stress. Key aspects when retaining harmony in your family is the way you parent your children, manage…

substance abuse infographic

What Are The Signs Of Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse does not discriminate when it comes to those affected. Addicts come from all levels of society. That is why if you believe that you or someone you know and love may be abusing substances, it is important to…

Anger Management Counseling

5 Great Benefits Of Anger Management Counseling

Anger can be an all-consuming emotion that greatly affects an individual’s life and their relationship with loved ones. While anger can be overwhelming, it is a natural and healthy emotion. When you learn to express anger in a constructive way, then…

Counseling Services

Recognizing Stress & Anxiety And When To Consider Counseling Services

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 16 million Americans are affected by depression every year. Furthermore, an astounding one in six adults will suffer from depression or related disorders such as stress and anxiety at…

Lifestyle Addictions

Lifestyle Addictions: The Effects Of Gaming & Screen Time

Technology is developing at an exponential rate, contributing positively to areas of education, medicine, and research. However, this rapid rate of development has left many people playing catch up when it comes to managing technology. Sadly, excessive gaming and screen…

Child Counseling

Child Counseling Is Important, In More Ways Than One

Choosing to go for counseling is a big step, but ultimately, it’s a beneficial one. In terms of child counseling, it can be hard to determine if and when your child may need the help of a professional. Why Child…