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Monthly Archives: April 2020

stats on depression

Get The Stats On Depression

Sadness, grief, and sorrow are normal human emotions that we everyone experiences at some point in their life. Usually it takes a few days to work through the feelings before we feel better. Depression (also known as major depressive disorder)…

drug addiction

It’s Going To Be Okay: Seeking Help For Drug Addiction

Do you find yourself grappling with a drug addiction? Often, this can result in feelings of guilt and shame which can deeply affect self-confidence and relationships. This can make it really difficult to come forward for help getting back on…

Benefits Of Group Counseling

The Benefits Of Group Counseling

Joining group counseling can seem overwhelming, whether the anxiousness comes from a fear of sharing or speaking in public, how a group may perceive you, or worrying about saying something people may consider foolish. While this may be the case,…

drug and alcohol rehab

How Family Can Help A Loved One Through Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Watching a loved one go through the struggle of overcoming addiction is not an easy experience to endure. In many instances, you may be left feeling helpless. Although it may seem as though the situation is out of your hands,…

Counseling Services

Reasons To Consider Counseling Services

Going to see a counselor isn’t as rare as you’d think. The majority of people will see a counselor at least once in their life, and many find that ongoing sessions help them manage in their day to day activities…

Mental Health Counselor

How A Mental Health Counselor Can Help You Deal With Past Trauma

Although traumatic events may be considered rare, research has proven that most people will experience one or more traumatic events in their lifetime. Many who experience trauma do not seek help and never learn to properly process what they’ve been…